Blanver understands that innovation is essential for business success and growth, therefore it invests constantly in research and development to offer innovative solutions in raw material and finished dosage formulations.

With a modern infrastructure, labs and cutting-edge technology, our R&D sector is ready to meet the most different and challenging demands.

We have a highly qualified team, composed of engineers, chemists and pharmacists, some of them holding PhD’s and Masters’ degree - as well as partnerships with renowned research institutes in Brazil and overseas.

With this structure, we aim to achieve outstanding, exceptional and innovative results, meeting our clients’ needs and contributing to people’s health and well-being.

In raw materials, we work on the development of new product, studies and research of new applications, development of prototypes, formulas and reformulation of final products, development of process and other activities.

In finished dosage formulations, we count on galenic development area, analytical methodology, regulatory documentation, absorption and technology transfer.