Why work at Blanver

The human capital is our main asset; it is responsible for the success and sustainable growth of our business in these more than 30 years of history.

We have an organizational culture based on respect, diversity, well-being, professional development and valuing our employees.

In order to take care of our biggest asset, we developed a policy that guides us, based on four pillars: Develop, Acknowledge, Open Doors Culture and Communication.


We promote the professional and succession development of our employees, focused on people management by ability, providing the growth of professionals, the company and its intellectual capital. We guarantee the training and strengthening of leaderships. We value internal recruiting, making growth and evolution opportunities possible in our employees’ career, besides encouraging a constant self development and performance attitude.


We acknowledge our employees’ performance, commitment and results, using fair and transparent evaluation and reward tools.


We have a healthy work environment, we encourage to be open to ideas, entrepreneurship, creativity and foster team spirit.


We guarantee a continuous, transparent and efficient communication in all internal and external company levels.