Business Development

With the objective of expanding our presence in Brazil and internationally, our strategy is to increase our operations in the international market through partnerships to export our medicines in the HIV, Hepatitis and osteoporosis segments.

As well as to seek strategic alliances with international partners of recognized quality, to license and commercialize innovative and established products in segments such as oncology and hematology in Brazil and Latin America.

We develop, produce and incorporate quality, competitive and innovative products in our portfolio, always seeking to promote patients’ health, quality of life and wellbeing.

HIV and Hepatitis

In HIV and Hepatitis, our focus is on building a portfolio with the main treatment lines recommended by the World Health Organization and the Brazilian Ministry of Health, thus meeting the needs of both the local market and our internationalization plan.

We are certified by ANVISA and are in the process of receiving certification from the main international regulatory agencies, such as the WHO, EMA, Health Canada and the FDA, in order to support our internationalization strategy.

We are open to in/out-licensing opportunities. Become our partner – contact us for more information.

Oncology and Hematology

With a dedicated oncology unit, our focus is on providing access to the main neoplasia treatments, such as: prostate, breast and lung, among others.

Our business plan is based on innovative and established products, previously selected, to treat different types and stages of tumors.

We are looking for strategic alliances with partners of recognized international quality, who share our values, for the main purpose of promoting patients’ health and wellbeing.

We are open to in-licensing opportunities for Brazil and Latin America. Become one of our partners – contact us for more information.